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Today’s patients and athletes have access to a multitude of solutions that were engendered providing  many hybrid views that simply are archaic and not applicable to way we as human beings live, work and play. The access to data to drive ameliorated outcomes for better healthcare and overall performance still remains a challenge for a world that will be very different from today compared to the future.  Avviare Healthcare LLC will provide pertinent tracking  data which will lead to significantly amended experiences along with exposure to the latest technologies, which will avail to make it authentic and pertinent for all.

Corporate Mission

Create Clarity

  • Synthesize the complex
  • Ensure shared understanding
  • Define a course of action

Generate Energy

  • Inspire optimism, creativity, and growth
  • Create an environment where everyone does their best work
  • Build an organization that is stronger tomorrow than today

Deliver Success

  • Drive innovation that people love
  • Be boundary-less in seeking solutions
  • Tenaciously pursue the right outcomes

eSports For A New Generation

The philosopher Nas famously wrote, “…writing in my book of rhymes, all the words past the margin…” But how do we support those students whose artistic pursuits may not line up with the academic programs for technology or business?

Esports and gaming provide an outlet, and new programs must be  developed and made ubiquitous for our schools to reach the next generation of students. But games will need soundtracks. Artists can envision new characters. Worlds can be built, and we must encourage our students to be their architects.

HBCU Innovation Development Milestones

  • Esports collegiate curriculum that can be deployed and shared across multiple universities
  • Tournament development and professional athlete management programs to extend and expand industry access
  • Mechanism to allow for in-world content development for different gaming content
  • IP Management Platform where students and faculty can access and use patents on IP from HBCUs in innovation projects
  • Creative Content Platform where students can develop new concepts and acquire copyrights share content
  • Licensing opportunities for creative content to video game creators and movie / arts studios for additional exposure
HBCU Innovation Development Milestones

Process Roadmap

Early Training

Training can begin with students in K-12 to expand the Cradle-to-Career pipelines.

Content Development

Students are enabled and empowered to create new content – gaming & arts.

College Recruitment

Students can be recruited to college just like athletes based on creative abilities.


Student-generated content can be protected with copyrights and company formation can be supported.

Leadership Team

Dr Chandra Brown CEO Avviare Health 2020

Dr. Chandra L. Brown



Dr Melita Moore HCBG Avviare Health 2020

Dr. Melita N. Moore

HCBG – Healthcare & eSports


Fred Henley CSO Avviare Health 2020

Fred Henley



Dr Jennifer Jenkins-Diotallevi CRO Avviare Health 2020

Dr. Jennifer A. Jenkins-Diotallevi



Damon House CDO Avviare Health 2020

Damon House



Dean Jones Program Ambassador Avviare Health 2020

Dean Jones




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